We Are Never Going to Be Relatable

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

A slice of life.

No really, picture a cross-section of the intricately woven details of your silly little life. Slice it open, bare it all, for all to see. What do you see spilling out? I see a beautiful human trying their best, with their charming strengths, deftly hidden vulnerabilities, several hundred thousand dreams, and a convolution of emotions and experiences.

That is your culture.

The fundamental essence of who you are, the subtle nuances that distinguish you and mark your place in this world as uniquely you. We're colossally complex creatures, with our rich histories, and glorious futures. And yet, we exist delicately in the present, neither here nor there, but also everywhere and all over the place. A stream of thoughts constantly surging through our brains, like a blaze of lightning, and sometimes they hit you like thunder and you can feel the thud across your chest against your rib cage. And sometimes it rains, but that's how we grow.

And that's what we're here to write about.

We, here at Culture Catalogue, have made it our mission to slice open and explore what it truly means to be human, what it is to have your own culture, and how hauntingly mesmerizing life can be sometimes.

We will celebrate with you on your everyday wins that no one else talks about, we will cry with you when your heart shatters and falls to the earth, we will be there to pick it up. We will laugh with you as we sit on the terrace and knit stories about some version of us in parallel universes, we will sip wine with you and we can live like poetry for a brief time, a time we call ours.

We are here to understand and re-live the quiet details of your life that go unsaid.

But we don't claim to be relatable.

We strongly believe that each one of us is so intrinsically unique and we will never be able to create something that could possibly encompass the entire human spectrum.

So, we aren't going to try.

We don't want to dilute the intensity of human emotions and mass produce it and distribute it to the world. We want to stay to true to our values, our hearts, our culture. We're going to try our best to stay authentic, we're going to slice ourselves open and lay bare with our vulnerabilities, we'll call it our version of art, and that's all we will do. We don't want to do anything but just be.

We're just going to be us.

So, explore us. And you might just find a piece of you with us.

And yet, you also, may not.

But you will most certainly find pieces of other authentic, vulnerable, beautiful humans. So, carry a huge briefcase of empathy and let's take this journey together. Let's discover, feel a myriad of things, and prance around in a world we both create and observe.

We are never ever ever ever going to try to be relatable.

But we are always always always going to stay true.

Welcome to Culture Catalogue.

We're brewing a potpourri of stories. Yours and ours. Make yourself at home.


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