The Resilience of Dreamers

I'm a dreamer.

I churn dreams in my head, 24x7 like it's nobody's business.

I make them so big, so grandiose, that sometimes they don't even fit through my throat when I want to tell somebody.

I usually don't tell anybody. But that's how I sleep at night. Knit cozily at the seams of my dreams, I fit snugly and fall fast asleep. I almost have a smile on my face as I drift off. I feel safe.

Dreamers hurt more.

That's what they don't tell about us, dreamers. We have the audacity to dream so big, that we're also setting ourselves up for more disappointments, failures, mistakes. We scrape our knees on cold hard reality far more often than the average person. We fall more, we cry more, we hurt so much more. But that's also because we're trying so much more.

Realists are always trying to bring us down, by saying we're not practical enough. But we can't help but dream big and aim high. Getting hurt, is simply a part of the process that we embrace with open arms.

We don't try to minimize hurt, we try to maximize life.

We risk it all for the exuberance of life. That's who we are. So, to us, it's all worth it, the pain, the disappointment, and even the heaviest of hearts is worth it for the heaviest of dreams.

Dreamers are realistic.

That's an oxymoron, a paradox, you might say! But heck yes, we are.

We believe in magic, so much. But we know that magic takes effort, work, and it is a whole goddamn responsibility. Magic won't just show up. We know that, and we're realistic in that sense.

We work hard to have magic in our lives. We work hard to make things special for us in the everyday. We know that if we let things take its course, life has the tendency of getting stale with routine and bad choices. We're quick to recognize if our life doesn't feel good anymore, and we rarely ever get stuck in situations that don't truly make us happy. We're always looking to make it better, to improve both ourselves and the situation.

We work hard as heck, and we do it all in the name of dreams.

Dreamers are stubborn.

We are stubborn about our vision for our lives and we hold ourselves to high standards. We expect failure, and we are prepared. While we may alter the approach, we will not alter the vision. We will find another way to climb that hill, even if it takes longer, if it's harder, we don't falter so easily.

We hurt, we cry, and we feel so much when things don't go our way. But we're way too stubborn to ever give up. We might lay low for a while, but we bounce back like goddamn sunrises. Every hecking day.

Because that's our destiny.

Dreamers are romantic.

Dreamers get their heart-broken more than anyone else. We expect too much, we infuse too much meaning into things, and a lot of times this amount of enthusiasm is not reciprocated. Yet, we are resilient in the fact that we are full-blown head-over-heels romantics. Our relationships are very passion-centric. And we don't pursue relationships that look impeccable on paper if they don't make us feel that can't-live-without-die-without movie love. We swim in passion, we dine and date and drink in passion. We can't live without passion. We'd rather be alone and lonely than be in a passion-less relationship.

So, we're alone a lot.

Passion is indeed rare.

But that doesn't stop us from having true, deep, wild passion for our lives and everything we do in life. Romance isn't just for love, romance is a way of life, for us. We need it, even we're alone at a café drinking vanilla French press coffee, and reading Virginia Woolf. Romance is those quit moments brimming with meaning.

Romance is effort. The effort we put to throw surprise parties for our closest friends. Effort we put into making NYE potluck a success. Effort we put to have picnics at parks in sundresses. Effort we put to get the perfect gift for our siblings. Effort we put to make our parents feel special on their anniversary.

Romance is the never-die spirit, of always trying.

We're always going to try to make life feel special. Even if we're disappointed.

Life is just too special for us to let it go, and not try,

Dreamers are resilient.

We're all around you. You've met us. Some days you don't recognize us. We're mopey, we're sad, we're hurt as heck.

But other days we're full of life and we're bursting with enthusiasm.

We're resilient because our need to come back home to our true selves will never ever ever die. That's what makes us fight through the hardest days, and fight, fight, fight for ourselves even when we're hurt and have a bleeding heart.

We're not perfect and we usually say a mantra to remind us when we feel weak, and down and out.

Enthusiasm will save you.

And it never fails.


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