Welcome to Culture Catalogue.  We serve a potpourri of stories... yours and ours.

We weave these freshly picked sagas into various media streams with a splash of photography, a dash of design, and a very generous helping of creative writing. We'll be exploring the subtle nuances of lifestyle and inspecting the delicate patterns of the human fabric.

You can find critical book reviews, movie deconstructions, satire, sarcasm, poetry, beautiful prose, humor, life lessons, unfiltered and filtered musings, and everything in between.

This venture is brought to you by two sharp and quirky Bitsians, with careers in hefty fields like Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, but we live for art, we breathe for art in every form.

And this is us, having the audacity to make space for it, in an ambition-ridden world. So, this is our journey, this is our story. And we promise you, take this journey with us and stick with us for long enough, you will find your story in us.

Welcome to Culture Catalogue!